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Children Dust Mask Breathable Printed Valve Haze Pollution Protection Filter

Product description:

  •    Protect yourself from airborne particles!
  •    Our dust masks cover the nose, mouth and chin, and the metallic strip molds to the bridge of the nose helping prevent dust particles and allergens from entering the airways and causing potential harm.
  •    With Metal Nose Strip To Ensure A Snug And Tight Fit
  •    Unlike the cheap blue masks being sold, our ones are reusable and offer far greater protection against airborne particles however, we do not recommend using them for continuous use more than 48 hours to ensure the best for your safety.
  •    Flexible metal strip ensures snug fit around the nose area and stops particles from entering through your nose
  •    The mask features a six-sheet construction to keep you safely protected from the effects of airborne particles, dust, grass and other particles.
  •    The elastic band wraps comfortably around your head to maintain a tight-fitting seal. Custom-fit nose piece adjusts to the contours of your face to provide an enjoyable fit.
  •    Polypropylene material performs well in high-humidity environments and is disposable for convenient clean-up.
  •    Suitable for workshop, pollen, sweeping, gardening, farm work, cleaning and protection against other airborne dusts.


  1.    Disposable masks, sanitary and convenient for using.
  2.    Made of high quality material, safe, soft and comfortable.
  3.    95% filtration, provide anti-dust protection for you.
  4.    Protect you from airborne particulates and pollution.
  5.    Elastic straps and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and sizes. Perfect for daily use and outdoor activities.
  6.    Anti droplet transmission
  7.    Anti pollution
  8.    Anti-Dust
  9.    Anti PM2.5
  10.    Filter PM2.5,and harmful substance in the air,protect your health!


  1.    Type: ears wearing
  2.    Material: high quality non woven fabric,etc
  3.    Filtering Rate: ≥95% (0.075μm particles)
  4.    Applications: daily life, factory workshop,SPAs,clinics,school,working places,etc

Package Included:

1 × Masks+1x Filters

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dust mask print

mascara de boca

masque tissus lavable

reusable mask

cotton mask

mascarillas reutilizables